Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beer and Crawfish

There is nothing in this world like beer and craw fish!! I have to tell you I went out with some friends to a happy hour style craw fish eat and drink outdoor pub type thing. This is the best combo ever. What made me happy is a I pulled out two grandfather craw fish.......meaning that both were the size of small lobsters. Those are the holy grails of craw fish. I think I had too much beer. I'm suprised I can still spell!!! I love beer. Did I say i liked craw fish?

Monday, March 30, 2009


I just realized that I need to have a kid or buy a house. Why do you ask?? Well because my tax returns suck. I am tired of owing the Government. I just figured a kid would be worth at least a $1,000 deductible. Its free to make kids and you have good credit to buy a decent house. Or maybe its that time for me and that is how i am trying to make it right in my head. I want babies. Since i dont have any human babies i have five other "fake" babies.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The beginning......

As i begin the voyage of blogging I hope to share the stories off Princess and Pops. Princess and Pops have a very unique relationship. Princess is young enough to be one of pops 30 kids (he has a lot but not that many, yeah 7) and Pops is old enough to know Jesus. Pops is a protector and Princess just runs her mouth. All in all Princess and Pops have a great time during the 5 hours we ride together every week. A lot of laughing and cussing.
One night there was a call that there was an actor on the ground (police smack for suspect running from the fuzz) and that the officers were giving chase. Pops, being the protector and driver slammed on the accelorator . They're ultimate goal was to make it to the west side of the apartment complex and set up a perimeter. They made a u turn and began to to go north to the intersection then head west. During the turn Pops yelled, "oh shit!", to Princess' reply, "what?" Pops said, "Brakes are gone" ( keep in mind this is a brand new patrol car 2008ish). We went into a spin, a nice little 180. Princess loved this because that is how her mother drives on a regular basis. Finally Pops and Princess made it to the westside of the complex to set up a perimeter. Princess and Pops both yelled, "What the hell is on eyes are burning". Pops and Princess both jumped out of the patrol car and Pops yelled to Princess, "hey pop the hood" to which Princess replied (knows about cars she grew up in a mechanic shop just don't know how to fix shit), "Fuck you Pops im not going to a victim of backdraft!" Pops finally popped the hood and no fire. They just killed the brakes. They're eyes were burning the rest of the night.

This is just a peek. Don't be mad because I misspell words because i never proof read what I write. It's impossible and it literally hurts when I do because it I get bored.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My Aunt and my Mother tear up the blog Minnesota vs. Texas and I think they are off their meds (not all of their meds just some of the important ones, i kid i kid). I thought hell if they can do I can do it too. I can write about nothing, hell blondes can do this.
I think I just had a thunder sprinkle at my house which made my blind doggie Harley walk around aimlessly drooling all over the hard woods. Ahhh....its that time of year in Texas where there is no such thing as a rain storm and evertime it rains their is a tornado assosciated with it or there are flying cows and Dodge Rams.